The Profundity of Humanity

Why are we rapidly drawn towards “Crisis of Humanity?”

  • Why do families fall apart?
  • How do children learn to love?
  • How can we transform from a “depletive person” to “productive person?”
  • Do we really know what love is?
  • Are you really the main charachter of your life?
  • What is th profundity of humanity?
  • What is the main reason fort he rapidly increasing violance in our society?
  • Do we forget to serve others as we focus on serving ourselves?
  • Do we need to develop for ourselves or for others?
  • How can we gain inner peace?
  • Why does our heart, which is the source of love and meaning, gradually move away from our mind, which is the source of greed and materiallism?

The primary aim of our book is to determine, define, and describe the rapid loss of human value at the level of individuals and society, and the humanity that we started to lose in the present day. Our secondary goal is to discuss the basic emotions, thoughts, and behavioral models that will prevail over this depreciation which is against human nature. No matter where in the world, the main problem for people of today is the devolution of their “humanity.” In fact, our inner peace has gradually diminished. The number of those, who stand apart from the crowd and remain silent amidst the cacophony, continues to grow increasingly. We are quickly moving away from human values. The level of our stress is limiting our capacity to adjust. Material things transcend the meaning of life, casting a cloud over it. Individuality and ego boost have become one of the main issues of human beings. Uniting and combining everything and everybody, metropolitan life, which gradually has less soul but more virtual interaction, has not changed the human environment. Mean-while, it influenced human spiritual life, aspirations, sense of justice and morality, desire for goodness, spirits, love, desire for life, and feeling of compassion, shortly all the depths of our humanity that makes us human. Thus, we rapidly move towards the artificial, glittering, identifiable virtual world and away from the indispensable encompassing beauty, secrets, and diversity of reality. A typical result of all these is that we become marginalized and estranged from ourselves as we lose our humanity. We gravitate to consumption rather than production, to destruction rather than construction, to taking rather than giving, to identification rather than diversity, to disintegration rather than unity, to visuality and image rather than content and meaning. So, we begin to begin to lose the real meaning, voice, and color of life.Psychological problems at individual, family or social level, moral corruption, stress, violence, hunger, armament, destabilization of ecological balance as well as people who are forced to move away from their homelands, who have physical and mental health issues, and non-social effects of social media are among the indicators that we begin to lose our humanity.The first Turkish edition of our had 6 prints in 6 months and sold 25,000 copies. The German edition of our book also attracted similar attention. With this enthusiasm, we prepared the English edition of our book, and we hope that it will also attract the attention of our English-speaking followers, especially in the U.S.

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